Customer Communication Via Chat and Text

Chatr is an enterprise-grade messaging system that uses artificial intelligence to help you communicate with your customers across multiple devices and platforms.


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What Makes Us Stand Out

  • Engage with your customers via mobile, tablet or website widget.
  • Get notified when a customer wants to talk.
  • Generate online or exported reports for your chats and texts.
  • Setup powerful customer to agent chat routing rules.
  • Allow customers to rate their experience.
  • Internal company chat and text communication.
  • Redact sensitive information from reports.
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Customer Relevancy

Why use Chatr?


Personalize the Customer Experience

Chatr allows your sales agents to address customers by name, suggest relevant products, and view chat and text history.


Provide Omnichannel Solutions

provides your customers with the freedom to interact with you how they want to – via chat or text.


Remain Competitive

Chatr helps you to build strong relationships with your customers and provides you with cutting-edge technology designed for better communication.


Generate Metrics & Reports

Chatr leverages big data and artificial intelligence to improve operations, provide transparency, make sales agents more efficient, and learn what customers want and need.


Foster High Retention Rates

Chatr helps foster loyal customers by providing excellent customer service and creating the experience differential necessary to make sales – again and again.


Central Repository

Keep a secure central repository of all chat and text communications.


Why Choose Chatr

  • Increase sales through enhanced customer engagement.
  • Bolster customer experience using hassle free communication.
  • Acquire new leads by directing messages to potential customers.
  • Built with the latest technologies that will not slow down your website.
  • Committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Dont believe us? Try it for free!
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Simple Pricing


No Credit Card
  • 10 chats / month
  • Customizable Chat Widget
  • No SMS Phone Numbers
  • No SMS Texts
  • No Transcriptions
  • No Reporting
  • No Agent Invites
  • No Integrations


Per Agent
Per Month
  • Unlimited Chats
  • Customize Chat Widget
  • $3 per month for a SMS capable phone number
  • $0.015 per text
  • Transcriptions
  • Reporting
  • Agent Invites
  • Unlimited Integrations