How It Works

Integrated Messaging

Send and receive messages from website widgets, social media platforms, and SMS texts. Add one line of code to your website and/or login to your social, VOIP, and CRM accounts to get started.

If configured, your automated assistant will attempt to resolve the customer's inquiry independently. At any point, the A.I. will seamlessly transfer the chat to a live-agent when needed. Learn more

To improve the capability of your automated assistants, connect the A.I. with your backend database or server. Information can be read or written to your backend services automatically.

Central Repository

ChatrHub's artificial intelligence can automatically log customer details and discussions in your favorite CRM. See Integrations for a full list of connected apps.

Smart Routing

Improve organization with ChatrHub's smart routing. Group live-agents and A.I. assistants together to resolve customer needs.

Funnel customers into groups by location, history, requested need, advertising campaign, URL, referrer URL, email and more!

Artificial Intelligence

Realistic conversations with neural networks and natural language processing

  • 40 seconds ago     Jason Dey  
    Hi, I am having trouble with my service.
  • 38 seconds ago     Rosilyn  
    Sorry about that! What seems to be the issue?
  • 10 seconds ago     Jason Dey  
    My Internet is very slow.
  • 8 seconds ago     Rosilyn  
    Would you like me to restart your router?
  • 3 seconds ago     Jason Dey  
    Actually, wait, I figured out the issue! I was using the wrong network and not my home network. Nevermind!
  • 1 second ago     Rosilyn  
    Oh okay great! Let me know if you have any other issues!

Each incoming message is evaluated thousands of times by ChatrHub's deep neural networks to accurately identify intent.

Intents are used to determine the purpose and goal of the customer's message and can detect when the conversation has changed direction, which is very typical of human thought.

During the collection of information from the customer, the automated assistant will use natural language processing to identify entities of the conversation such as a phone number, email address, etc.

Start with free chat, and add other channels when you’re ready