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Target your customers based off of customer attributes, website location, shopping history and more.

  • 42 seconds ago     Rosilyn  
    Hello, we are offering a 20% discount on all men's apparel today.
  • 40 seconds ago     Jason Dey  
    I am looking for a new pair of shoes.
  • 38 seconds ago     Rosilyn  
    Okay great! When you checkout use promo code 12345 to get 20% off men's shoes!
  • 10 seconds ago     Jason Dey  
    Great thanks!

Drive Sales

Targeted Offers

Automatically greet prospective customers with targeted offers based on the referring and current webpage.

Customer Information

Capture prospective buyer information. Understand whom you are talking to before starting the conversation.

Live Support

If needed, transfer the conversation to a live-agent or leave a message. Leave no inquiry unanswered.

Sales Reporting

Receive automatic e-mail reports to learn how many prospective buyers visited your site, how many engaged with the AI chatbot, and how many of these conversations resulted in closed sales or appointments.

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